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Electricity is a magical element that enables us to watch Netflix, cook on an electrical stove, switch on the AC, and chop onions in seconds. This energy changed the world we know, and today, with technological innovation, we are moving towards electrical cars. Electricity, however, should be treated with respect and caution and installations, repairs and maintenance by Limitless NRG Solutions takes that burden off your shoulders as a professional, trusted electrician in Noosa.

What Does Emergency Electrician in Noosa Offer

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We offer professional, trusted electrical services on the Sunshine Coast. We provide a variety of quotes/inspections, installation, repairs and maintenance together with knowledgeable advice – all easily booked on the phone. Here are more details on the services we provide:

  • Inside the offer the following: phone and power points, switchboard upgrades, ceiling fan; air-conditioning and hot water installation and repair, installation of downlights, smoke detectors, over stove and cooktops, lighting design, wireless access points (WAP) and kitchen renovations.
  • Our outside offerings include antenna repairs and installation, landscape lighting, emergency lighting, data cabling, solar installation and maintenance, exit signs, maintenance on electrical gates and comprehensive electrical audits.
  • Noosa electrician can also redo, install and provide maintenance and repairs on wiring systems for shops, restaurants and bars.


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    Solutions for Electrical Emergencies

    Electrical problems can be as severe as electrical shocks, fallen power lines or electrical fire or a power outage. The rules, however, needs to be followed to contain the problem but also to prevent further injury:

    • The first and most important rule with electricity, is to turn off the power supply. This is valid for electrical shocks, fires and fallen power lines. When a power outage occurs, turn off the branches before switching off the main power supply, this will protect your appliances when the current returns.
    • For an electrical shock, fire, burn or fallen power lines, contact the fire brigade or emergency services immediately. Remember to give as much detail as possible: your address, the event, number of people affected. Secondly, call an emergency electrician in Noosa to check the wiring.
    • When an electrical shock or burn occurs, move yourself or the person affected away from the power source. Wood and rubber are non-conducting materials and will stop the move of the current. Even though accidents occur, the importance of a qualified Noosa electrician can never be underestimated: all lives matter and using a professional like Limitless NRG Solutions can save lives and prevent damage to infrastructure down the line.

    Why Trust Limitless NRG Solutions

    We are a family-owned business, and we built our knowledge and understanding of the industry over nearly two decades of working with all things electrical. With a reputation of providing quality professional service to our clients. As an emergency electrician in Noosa, we provide fast turnaround times with prompt communication and feedback. We provide innovative solutions, together with advice to ensure our clients get the very best service at all times. Joel, owner and operator, established quality workmanship at the core of our business offering. We’re your neighbourhood Noosa electrician, contact us today!